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delivery policy

1.0 The order fulfilment time is from 10 to 25 business days.

1.1 The seller has the right to extend the delivery time by a few working days, described in point 1.1 for reasons beyond his control, such as delays in transport, accident or warehouse shortages. The seller is obliged to inform the customer of any delays via e-mail or other services such as text or call.

1.2 The order fulfilment time will start on the day following the receipt of the product details (if any) from the customer. E.g., If the order was placed on Friday the fulfilment time will start on working Monday.

1.3 Furniture deliveries are made only by vans belonging to Furniture Just4U Limited. The company does not use third party companies like shipping companies or courier. The items are too heavy and too large to be posted therefore it is impossible. Most of the furniture comes in multiple packages.

1.4 The company allows the customer to collect the product personally from the following address Longfield Rd, Tunbridge Wells TN2 3UE. Collect in person is free of charge.

1.5 In the case of a personal collection, it is necessary to contact us in advance to arrange the collection details. Please note that needs to be manufactured first which meant item might not be ready for collection immediately after placing an order.

1.6 In the case of a decision to collect the product in person, the implementation time will not change and is described in point 1.0.

1.7 The following postcodes have free delivery:

London: WD, EN, UB, HA, NW, N, E, IG, RM, W, WC, EC, TW, SW, SE, KT, SM, CR, BR, DA
South East: SO, GU, RH, BN, TN, ME, CT, SS, CM, CO, SG, LU, AL, HP, SL, RG
South West: SN, BS, BA, SP, BH, DT, TA, EX, TQ, PL, TR
East England: NR, CB, IP
Midlands: PE, LE, NN, MK, CV, OX, ST TF, WS, WV, DY, B, WR, HR, GL
Wales: LL, SY, LD, NP, CF, SA
North West: PR, BB, FY, BL, OL, L, WN, M, WA, CH, CW, SK
North: DE, NG, LN, S, DN, HU, HD, WF, HX, LS, YO, HG, BD, LA

1.8 If the product is purchased by a customer living in one of the following postal codes: DL, CA, TS, NE, DH, SR, DG, TD, KA, ML, EH, G, the cost of delivery is determined individually.

1.9 Other postal codes are not supported by us.

1.10 If the goods are purchased by a customer living in one of the unsupported postcodes, the order will be cancelled.

1.11 The seller is obliged to notify the buyer of the delivery date by e-mail or other services at the latest two days before the planned delivery.

1.12 The driver is required to deliver the product only to the first door. In the case of houses, it is the entrance door, in the case of flats/blocks, it is the door of the staircase/downstairs.

1.13 The driver will not bring the product to the upper floor/upstairs.

1.14 In the event of difficult access to the property, the driver has the right to refuse delivery.

1.15 If there is no response to the delivery message, the delivery will be postponed to another possible date.

1.16 The customer is obliged to sign the paper form of the bill or invoice. This document is made in two copies for each of the parties.

1.17 The customer is obliged to sign a paper ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF RECEIPT OF GOODS. This document is made in two copies for each of the parties.

1.18 The documents described above require the only customer’s printed full name and signature in the space for the buyer. Writing something other than required on the document will result in the cancellation of the order or delivery on a different date with a new document.

1.19 In the event of failure to collect the goods, the goods for collection by the customer are stored in the warehouse for up to 14 working days.

1.20 The time slot in which the driver will arrive is only an estimate. It may change for reasons beyond the driver’s control, such as bad weather conditions or road difficulties.

1.21 The seller reserves the right to postpone the delivery for reasons beyond his control, such as damage to the car or delay in transport from Poland.

1.22 Furniture Just4U Limited does not rent a van. In the event of damage to the vehicle, it is repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

1.23 The shop staff and the driver use the 12-hour time in the GMT + 0, UK time zone.