terms & conditions

1. General and Legal information:

1.1. Purchase of the product at the store is associated with the acceptance of the regulations of the below-mentioned Rules and Regulations.
1.2. Defining furniture, product, and merchandise in the following Rules and Regulations describe all the elements associated with the furniture pack as furniture, mattresses or barriers.
1.3. The Regulations are an integral part of the sales contract concluded with the Customer.
1.4. The FURNITURE JUST4U LIMITED online furniture shop sales via the Internet.
1.5. The store and its contents belong to FURNITURE JUST4U LIMITED based in Great Britain.
Company FURNITURE JUST4U LIMITED has two locations which are, the company registration address: Flat 23, Callender Court, 1 Harry Close, CR0 2NJ, Croydon, and the storage address: 400 Westhorne Ave, Eltham, London SE9 5LT.
1.6. FURNITURE JUST4U LIMITED does not sell or share customer data (name, address, phone number) or any other personal information.
1.7. FURNITURE JUST4U LIMITED does not store or share financial data.

2. Sales:

2.1. The prices shown in the store are gross prices and include a VAT tax of 20%.
2.2. We issue a VAT invoice for each product.
2.3. Payment methods accepted by us are PayPal, payment in cash on delivery, cash payment upon personal collection, payment by debit or credit card via PayPal and transfer to a bank account.
2.4. For most orders, we do not take advance payments and a deposit. If the order will be unusual as a non-standard size or a colour not sold in the sale, a deposit of 10% of the order value will be charged. Non refundable deposits are collected mainly in products such as wardrobes, bedroom beds, bedside tables and chests of drawers.
2.5. The deposit paid is not refundable after one week of placing the order. If the product is not collected or the customer refused a delivery of any up to order made items, the customer is obliged to collect the product within 30 working days.
2.6. The condition of order realization is the customer providing data allowing verification of the customer and the recipient of the goods. Shop confirms receiving the order by email or telephone. The shop has a right to reject accepting an order, limit the method of payment or demand prepayment if the order raises reasonable doubts as to the truth and reliability of the given data or method of payment.
2.7. The range of deliveries is divided into seven available zones marked with colours.
2.8. Bedroom sets, youth sets, children's sets, bunk beds, bedroom beds bedroom wardrobes and orders above £499 are covered by free delivery in following postcodes:

London: WD, EN, UB, HA, NW, N, E, IG, RM, W, WC, EC, TW, SW, SE, KT, SM, CR, BR, DA
South East: SO, GU, RH, BN, TN, ME, CT, SS, CM, CO, SG, LU, AL, HP, SL, RG
South West: SN, BS, BA, SP, BH, DT, TA, EX, TQ, PL, TR
East England: NR, CB, IP
Midlands: PE, LE, NN, MK, CV, OX, ST TF, WS, WV, DY, B, WR, HR, GL
Wales: LL, SY, LD, NP, CF, SA
North West: PR, BB, FY, BL, OL, L, WN, M, WA, CH, CW, SK
North: DE, NG, LN, S, DN, HU, HD, WF, HX, LS, YO, HG, BD, LA

2.9. Room sets (living room) are covered by free delivery in London zone.
2.10. The cost of delivery of other furniture is as follows:

London: WD, EN, UB, HA, NW, N, E, IG, RM, W, WC, EC, TW, SW, SE, KT, SM, CR, BR, DA - free delivery
South East: SO, GU, RH, BN, TN, ME, CT, SS, CM, CO, SG, LU, AL, HP, SL, RG - £30
East England: NR, CB, IP - £40
Midlands: PE, LE, NN, MK, CV, OX, ST TF, WS, WV, DY, B, WR, HR, GL - £40
Wales: LL, SY, LD, NP, CF, SA - £50
North West: PR, BB, FY, BL, OL, L, WN, M, WA, CH, CW, SK - £60
South West: SN, BS, BA, SP, BH, DT, TA, EX, TQ, PL, TR - £60
North: DE, NG, LN, S, DN, HU, HD, WF, HX, LS, YO, HG, BD, LA - £60

2.11. Other postcodes is a postcodes that is not supported by us. If a customer living in the other postcodes makes a purchase, his order may be cancelled.
2.12. The furniture is sold in packs for self-assembly. During delivery, the customer will also receive assembly instructions.
2.13. Due to many enquiries, FURNITURE JUST4U LIMITED recommends first telephone contact.
2.14. Orders can be made by phone, email and by buying at the online store.
2.15. Pictures presented on the store or auction are pictorial photographs (visualization). The product may slightly differ from the one shown in the illustration.
2.16. Type, size and individual screen settings can cause that the colour presented on the visualization will not be slightly different from reality.

3. Realization of orders:

3.1. Order processing time is from 10 to 25 business (Monday - Friday) days, excluding the day of placing the order.
3.2. We reserve the right to delay delivery within a few days for reasons beyond our control, such as delays in transportation, holidays or bad weather conditions.
3.3. We inform you of any delays by sending a message to the e-mail address provided or using the eBay contact form.
3.4. Two days before the planned delivery, we contact the customer via e-mail or eBay contact form to provide the day and time of delivery.
3.5. If the customer does not confirm the delivery time, his delivery will be postponed to the next possible date.
3.6. In Great Britain, we are using the 12-hour clock divided into two periods: a.m. and p.m.
3.7. 30 min before the scheduled delivery, we contact the customer to inform him/her about the delivery.

4. Deliveries:

4.1. The customer receives VAT invoice from us during delivery.
4.2. The customer is obliged to sign a copy of the VAT invoice and the acceptance protocol (if any) received.
4.3. During delivery, there are usually two drivers.
4.4. Drivers are required to bring furniture only through the doorstep threshold in the houses and on the ground floor of the staircase in the case of blocks.
4.5. Bringing furniture to other places than described in point "4.4" will be charged. The prices are individual depending on the floor and difficulties with bringing in.
4.6. If there is only one driver during delivery, the customer is obliged to help with unloading his furniture.

5. Cancelations and returns of orders:

5.1. The customer has the right to cancel his order without giving a reason.
5.2. If the order is cancelled during delivery, the customer covers the delivery costs.
5.3. If you cancel your order after receiving the goods, the customer is responsible for the storage and not using the furniture until the return.
5.4. Returned furniture must be in the undamaged condition suitable for sale and must be in the original packaging.
5.5. Furniture for self-assembly cannot be returned after the previous assembly.
5.6. Used upholstery cannot be returned.
5.7. During the return, the customer is obliged to deliver the furniture to the company's warehouse on their own and at their own expense.
5.8. The furniture should be delivered to the company's warehouse, which is given in the general information in point "1.6".
5.9. After delivering the furniture to the company's warehouse, they will be checked by the company's employee to check their condition and the number of items that should be in the manual.
5.10. In case the delivered furniture will be in a damaged condition or missing any elements, the return of the furniture will not be accepted.
5.11. FURNITURE JUST4U LIMITED reserves the right to cancel the order if the customer raises doubts or is suspected to work against the company.
5.12. The company also reserves the right to cancel the order if the customer's location is in a range (inaccessible) delivery zone or does not want to put additional charges in the red zone.
5.13. If the order is cancelled by FURNITURE JUST4U LIMITED, all payments made to the company's account will be returned within 30 days from the date of cancellation.
5.14. Due to many enquiries, FURNITURE JUST4U LIMITED recommends first telephone contact.

6. Complaints:

6.1. All complaints must be submitted within 7 days from the date of delivery in writing.
6.2. To reduce costs to a minimum, the complaint does not include replacement of the whole item.
6.3. Replacement covers only the damaged or missing part.
6.4. The buyer is obliged to send photos of damaged parts to the address [email protected], including a detailed description of the parts according to the instructions. A detailed description of the damaged parts will allow us to speed up the time of the complaint.
6.5. Furniture that does not fit in the entrance to the house or on the stairs because of the size (hard furniture is delivered in packs, upholstery in large dimensions) are not subject to complain or return.
6.6. All information regarding the size of packages can be obtained in the customer service department.
6.7. FURNITURE JUST4U LIMITED is not liable for damages resulting from the use of other transport or assembly companies than FURNITURE JUST4U LIMITED. Any damage caused during transport cannot be the subject of a complaint.
6.8. The FURNITURE JUST4U LIMITED company reserves the right to 14 working days to consider the complaint and 25 working days to provide a damaged or missing item.
6.9. The condition for accepting the complaint is sending the information we require as described in item "6.4". If the client does not adjust to the point "6.4", the complaint is not accepted.
6.10. Items damaged by customer's fault are not subject to complaint.
6.11. We are not responsible for misinterpretations of reading assembly instructions.
6.12. Items damaged by the customer can only be purchased.
6.13. Due to many enquiries, FURNITURE JUST4U LIMITED recommends first telephone contact.

7. Assembly service:

7.1. FURNITURE JUST4U LIMITED offers assembly service for individual furniture.
7.2. The prices of the assembly service are set individually depending on the type of furniture and company location given in the general information in point "1.6".
7.3. The assembly service has the right to resign from the order if it finds that it lacks sufficient space to provide the service.
7.4. The assembly service cannot interfere with it other than the product sold by us.
7.5. The assembly service does not and cannot change the design of the furniture.
7.6. It is also forbidden to place children close to the assembly. Fitters have the right to use tools that can be dangerous for children and young people.
7.7. We offer 3 months of warranty for the assembly service. After 3 months, the complaint is not considered.
7.8. We issue VAT invoice for the assembly service.
7.9. The company FURNITURE JUST4U LIMITED reserves the right to assembly service on a different date than delivery.
7.10. In the case of an assembly service, where there is a cash payment for the product, the assemblers has the right to request payment for the product before starting the assembly service.

8. Mattress Guarantee:

8.1. The guarantee covers the main input of the mattress.
8.2. The foam should not crumble or break.
8.3. A mattress is an object that is constantly working, so it is subject to use. Therefore, the recesses on the surface of the mattress to 3 cm, is not under a warranty given as they represent a natural material consumption that does not affect the quality of the product.
8.4. The mattress needs to work in different places to keep its features. Only then it will consume evenly, and on its surface, there will be no recesses.
8.5. This is very important as not turning the mattress is out of warranty coverage!
8.6. Improper use of the mattress and the changes made on its surface are not the result of a defect in the product, but the damage done by the user, which can be stated.
8.7. A mattress is an everyday use item, which works every day, but this properly "serviced" will retain its properties longer and will provide you with a comfortable night's sleep.
8.8. If the customer determines that the mattress he has chosen does not meet his or her expectations, the mattress may be replaced (at an additional cost) or returned only if not unpacked.
8.9. Mattress unpacked from the foil is treated as used and non-refundable.

9. Guarantee:

9.1. Furniture is covered under warranty from the manufacturer for a period of 12 months from the date of order and it covers manufacturing defects.

10. Boards in the gloss:

1.1. On the acrylic surface may be various kinds of "pollution", or also called. "Craters" in the range of 2 - 3 pieces / m 2, resulting from the normal process of manufacturing acryl. They are not the basis for the advertising board. Permissibledeviation of the straightness of the surface of the plate is up to 2 mm / m.

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