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- SUPER KING SIZE: length: 225 cm, width: 180 cm, height with headboard: 115 cm




- the base of the bed consists of two boxes

- headboard of the bed

- topper mattress - foam or visco-elastic (the pending on bed configuration)

- tower mattress - Bonell or pocket (the pending on bed configuration)





- Is made of high-quality Bonnell springs, which
characterized by their high strength and surface elasticity. This means that as the load increases, the force of spring displacement increases. Mattress pads are high-quality hardened Bonell-type springs with a thickness of 2.2 mm.


POCKET MATTRESS - TYPE 2 and TYPE 4 - It is characterized that each spring is arranged in a separate pocket of material. The springs are not connected to each other, which results that each work separately, independently from another. This operation eliminates the bending of the mattress with high pressure on small surfaces. Pocket mattresses are called. "SILENT MATTRESS" because springs enclosed in a separate pocket are not in contact with each other and do not cause unwanted sounds.



The guarantee covers the main input of the mattress. The foam should not crumble or break. A mattress is an object that is constantly working, so it is subject to use. Therefore the recesses on the surface of the mattress to 3 cm, are not under a warranty given as they represent a natural material consumption that does not affect the quality of the product. The mattress needs to work m different places to keep its properties. Only then it will consume evenly, and on its surface, there will be no recesses. This is very important because not turning the mattress is out of warranty coverage! This is because of improper use of the mattress and the changes made on its surface are not the result of a defect m the product, but the damage done by the user, which can be stated. A mattress is an everyday use item, which works every day. But this properly "serviced" will retain its properties longer and will provide you with a comfortable night's sleep. If the customer determines that the mattress he has chosen does not meet his or her expectations, the mattress may be replaced (at an additional cost) or returned only if not unpacked. Mattress unpacked from the foil is treated as used and non-refundable.





A divan bed is entirely covered with the same kind of material. Is composed of two lower wooden boxes and two mattresses. Stable construction gives a guarantee of comfort as well as long and dependable use for many years. The bed is high, which makes sitting down and getting up easier. Offered by us bed provides a complete solution for those who above all appreciate the comfort in the bedroom, thereby soothing as well as restorative sleep.



Additional information:



Base (two boxes with bedding container to choose in three configurations)

- Bonell matters with a height of approx. 20 cm

- ordinary foam with a height of approx. 4 cm



Base (two boxes with bedding container to choose in three configurations)

- pocket mattress with a height of approx. 20cm

- ordinary foam with a height of approx. 4 cm



Base (two boxes with bedding container to choose in three configurations)

- Bonell mattress with a height of approx. 20cm

- lazy/visco/memory foam with a height of approx. 6 cm



Base (two boxes with bedding container to choose in three configurations)

- pocket mattress with a height of approx. 20 cm

- lazy/visco/memory foam with a height of approx. 6 cm

Additional information

Weight 300 kg
Dimensions 225 × 180 × 115 cm
free delivery


led lighting


length of mattress

200 cm

sleeping surface

super king

type of furniture

divan bedroom bed

width of mattress

180 cm


1. The deadline of order is from 10 to 25 business days. Delivery to Scotland, Ireland, Channel Islands, Isle of Man NOT POSSIBLE. Orders from the above-mentioned regions will be cancelled.

2. The date and time of delivery is determined exclusively by us, please do not follow the date given on the listing report. The date on the sales portal is an estimate only and is subject to change.

3. The purchased item is dispatched ONLY via our shipping delivery. We don’t dispatch items by courier. Up to few days after purchasing the item, you will receive the message with link to tracking number, where you can check status of your order.

4. Furniture in flat packs are specifically designed to be easy for self-assembly. Required tools for mounting it flat screwdriver, phillips screwdriver, drill (no 8), hammer and allen key number five.

5. Not all items has numbers on each board, if you require a numbers on the boards please contact us we will tell you which item has numbers. We can help you with the assembly over the phone or if you need someone to build it please get in touch to receive a quote for the assembly service.

6. Manufacturer reserve the right to make structural changes in furniture offers, not changing the general look.

7. The decorative elements used for the presentation of the product, do not form an integral part.

8. The Colours on the visualization may differ from reality. The colours may be darker/lighter or have a different shade. Please ask the customer service about the pictures in real. This is related to the personal setting of your monitor/mobile device. You can contact us for more pictures if you are interested

9. The entire bed is manufactured using eco-friendly materials and paints safe for health.