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cabin bed high sleeper Max 4s
cabin bed high sleeper loft bed Max 5
double bunk bed triple bunk bed Max3

comfort and minimalism

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modern double bunk bed modern triple bunk bed Max 3
modern cabin bed modern loft bed modern high sleeper bed Max 1s
modern cabin bed modern loft bed modern high sleeper bed Max 5

The wardrobe is equipped with three shelves.

The interior of the cabinet, located under the top of the desk has one shelf.

The upper sleeping surface is protected with a safety barrier. The barrier protects the baby from falling out.

The body of the bed is made of chipboard 16 mm and 22 mm thick.

Additional sliding sleeping surface.

This set will allow you to allocate more space for other equipment needed to make your child’s dreams come true and have everything they need in their room.

double cabin bed Max 1s
kids cabin bed Max 1s

 A modern bed that combines all the most important features when designing a room for your child, such as comfort, functionality and high quality.

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When furnishing your house or flat to make your dream home, the most important base is durable and comfortable furniture. We offer all different types of furniture to children's, teenagers, bedroom and living room furniture, our furniture are modern and functional to meet everyone's needs. Need to buy furniture for your office? No problem, our wardrobes made up to order will be perfect for your office or hallway. The entire range is distinguished by trusted origins because we focus only on proven furniture from Polish producers. We offer both single pieces of furniture and complete sets. For example, a set of furniture includes a bed with a bedding container, wardrobes, desks, shelves, and a bedside table. Choosing sets is conducive to maintaining a coherent space, which is also very functional. Each piece of furniture has been designed aesthetically and practically. On the one hand, designer furniture looks nice and maintains the representative character of the interior, on the other - it provides a place to store things, is comfortable, easy to clean and durable.

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Most popular and recommended in the bedroom category are our beds We offer, among others, divan beds known for their chic and elegance. Comfort during sleep is additionally increased by two mattresses, and the capacity of the containers allows easy storage of bedding. Online Furniture Shop Furniture Just4You also offers colour samplers for various fabrics and boards. Thanks to high-quality photos and a wide range of colours, you can make a decision about buying furniture online more easily. In response to customer expectations, most of our modern furniture is sold without the need to incur shipping costs. All furniture is made of the highest materials such as MDF board, chipboard and plywood. An additional advantage is the company transport, which ensures the safety of items while driving. Customers receive their dream furniture, in perfect condition, in the shortest possible time and the order processing status can you check here.

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