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refund and returns policy

1.0 The buyer has the right to return the product up to 14 working days from its receipt.

1.1 The costs associated with the return of the product are at the buyer’s expense.

1.2 Furniture Just4U Limited does not provide product collection services from the buyer.

1.3 The buyer is obliged to return the product in the condition in which it was received with the original packaging.

1.4 A damaged, assembled or partially assembled product will not be accepted by the seller.

1.5 After delivery to the seller, the product will be checked for any damage and missing elements.

1.6 If you do not agree with the obligations above, we will not agree to refund or may make a reasonable charge to cover any costs that we incur (e.g. petrol or goods you have damaged or lost).

1.7 The seller is obliged to return the payment for the product within 25 working days.

1.8 The exception to the above point is that the seller retains the advance payment.

1.9 In the event of a complaint or product defects, the customer is obliged to send a description along with photos via the contact form or directly to the e-mail address

1.10 The seller is obliged to look through the complaint within 25 working days of receiving the message.

1.11 When making a complaint, a specific part is replaced, not the entire product.

1.12 The item part of which the complaint was accepted will be sent via the shipping company on company address no later than 25 business days of accepting the complaint.

1.13 The exception to the above is large oversized items that cannot be shipped via a shipping company. The time in this situation is set individually.

1.14 In the event of incorrect assembly, wrong interpretation of the instructions or damage to the product during assembly, the complaint will not be considered.

1.15 Based on the invoice or bill received, the complaint is considered. Another proof of purchase will not be accepted.

1.16 Used mattress or upholstery cannot be returned.

1.17 The following information will not be subject to complaint:

     * Product miniatures photos are for reference only. They may differ more or less from what is shown in the picture.

     * The colour shown in the pictures is for reference only. In reality, the colour may differ from what is shown in the illustration. There may be a lighter, darker or different shade/tone of colour.

     * The customer has the right to receive from the seller photos presenting the item in real life along with the colour which customer wants to see if the seller has this photo. In some cases, the buyer can ask for samples to be posted to them free of charge.

     * The customer has the right to receive assembly instructions from the seller before purchase so that he can determine the degree of difficulty during assembly. To decide if assembly service is required as an additional option.

     * The customer has the right to ask the seller questions about the subject of interest. The seller prompts to reply within 48 – 72 hours.

     * The seller has the right to make small changes to the production of items if the concept and appearance of the item remain unchanged.

     * The furniture is in flat packages with instructions for self-assembly. Additional items shown in the illustration as visual elements are not the content of the product. The customer is obliged to carefully read the description of the product, which includes, among other things, the dimensions of the product, content and materials from which it is made.

     * The seller is not responsible for errors caused during assembly and wrong interpretation of the assembly manual or description of the item. The furniture is made of materials that are completely safe for health.

     * Individual setting of the telephone or computer screen may change the hue or shade of the product colour.

1.18 All spare or missing parts are sent directly from the manufacturer to the company’s office address.

1.19 After agreeing with the seller, the items mentioned in point 1.8 can be sent directly to the buyer.

1.20 In the event of cancellation of an order placed for items made up to order, such as bedroom wardrobes, ottoman bedroom beds, divan bedroom beds and MAX beds with non standard sizes, after 14 days from the date of placing the order, the seller reserves the right to retain 20% of the order value against the costs associated with its production.