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terms and conditions

Last update: 10th December 2020.




1.1 These regulations are for Furniture Just4U Limited, registered in England and Wales, to the following addresses:

– company registered and correspondence address: Flat 23, Callender Court, 1 Harry Close, CR0 2NJ, Croydon.
– warehouse: 400 Westhorne Ave, Eltham, London SE9 5LT or Longfield Rd, Tunbridge Wells TN2 3UE.

1.2 These Regulations are addressed to both customers and business customers using the Online Store unless a given provision of the Regulations provides otherwise and is addressed only to customers and business customers.

1.3 Definitions:

WORKING DAY – one day from Monday to Friday other than a Saturday, a Sunday, Christmas Day, Good Friday or a day which is a bank holiday under the Banking and Financial Dealings Act 1971 in any part of the United Kingdom.

“ASK A QUESTION” FORM – a form available on the website, which allows you to submit any question or enquiry regarding the product directly to the seller. We prompt to reply with 48 – 72 hours.

CUSTOMER – (1) the buyer – a person or business who buys or agrees to buy goods and pay for them (2) A person or business with full legal capacity who buys goods or services from a shop or business, and in cases provided by generally applicable regulations also a natural person or business with limited legal capacity; (3) legal person or business; or (4) an organizational unit without legal personality, which the law recognizes legal capacity; – who has concluded or intends to conclude a Sales Agreement with the Seller.

SELLER Furniture Just4U Limited who sells or agrees to sell goods

PRODUCT – any good (item) or service, available in the store that is the subject of the Sales Agreement between the Customer and the Seller.

– SALES AGREEMENT – (1)A confirmation of the sale of goods is a contract by which the seller transfers or agrees to transfer in goods to the buyer when they made a purchase in the online store. (2) the buyer is responsible to notify the seller about any errors in the order, change of personal details or contact details. (3) a sale.

– REGULATIONS – these store regulations are also terms and conditions of sale which are accepted by the buyer (customer) when placing an order.

1.4 Furniture Just4U Limited reserve the right to use the email address, used when creating an account, placing an order or correspondence to use it for a monthly subscription newsletter.




2.1 The conclusion of the Sales Agreement between the Customer and the Seller takes place after the Customer has placed an Order.

2.2 The price of the product shown on the store’s website is given in GBP (Great British Pounds) and includes VAT of 20%.

2.3 All furniture products come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

2.4 The seller is obliged to issue a sales document for the buyer.

2.5 The owner of the store, photos, descriptions and other data is Furniture Just4U Limited, with registered office in point 1.1.

2.6 The products offered by Furniture Just4U Limited are manufactured in Poland, then items are shipped via large HGV / LORRY companies to the warehouse in point 1.0.

2.7 Due to limitations and possibilities, the furniture is not manufactured in the United Kingdom.

2.8 If you do not accept points 2.6 and 2.7, please do not make a purchase.

2.9 The purchase of a product is associated with the acceptance of these regulations.




3.1 Furniture Just4U Limited offers the following payment methods:

– credit or debit card (after placing the order or at the checkout),

– on delivery in cash or one of the options described above.


Please note that for orders which will be paid on delivery, Furniture Just4U Limited might ask for 20% non-refundable deposit which will be deducted from the total amount to pay on delivery.


3.2 The seller reserves the right to obtain an advance payment in the form of non-refundable 20% of the order value when the product or its colour is created individually.

3.3 If the buyer raises doubts as to the credibility or solvency, the seller is entitled to receive an advance payment of non-refundable 20% of the order value.

3.4 In the case of cancelling the order, the advance payment in the form of non-refundable 20% of the order value remains with the seller towards the costs incurred in producing the product.

3.5 In the absence of payment or lack of contact with the buyer, his order will be automatically cancelled after 5 working days.

3.6 When making an advance payment (PayPal, Card) for a product that has been produced individually, the seller reserves the right to retain 20% of the value of the order against the costs associated with the production of the product.

3.7 Furniture Just4U Limited, reserves the right to cancel an order if the customer is in doubt, is insolvent or is likely to be detrimental to the company.




4.1 The order fulfilment time is from 10 to 25 business days. For the definition of “working days” see point 1.3.

4.2 The seller has the right to extend the delivery time by a few working days, described in point 4.1 for reasons beyond his control, such as delays in transport, accident or warehouse shortages. The seller is obliged to inform the customer of any delays via e-mail or other services such as text or call.

4.3 The order fulfilment time will start on the day following the receipt of the product details (if any) from the customer. E.g., If the order was placed on Friday the fulfilment time will start on working Monday.

4.4 Furniture deliveries are made only by vans belonging to Furniture Just4U Limited. The company does not use third party companies like shipping companies or courier. The items are too heavy and too large to be posted therefore it is impossible. Most of the furniture comes in multiple packages.

4.5 The company allows the customer to collect the product personally from the address specified in point 1.1. Collect in person is free of charge.

4.6 In the case of a personal collection, it is necessary to contact us in advance to arrange the collection details. Please note that needs to be manufactured first which meant item might not be ready for collection immediately after placing an order.

4.7 In the case of a decision to collect the product in person, the implementation time will not change and is described in point 4.1.

4.8 The following postcodes have free delivery:

London: WD, EN, UB, HA, NW, N, E, IG, RM, W, WC, EC, TW, SW, SE, KT, SM, CR, BR, DA
South East: SO, GU, RH, BN, TN, ME, CT, SS, CM, CO, SG, LU, AL, HP, SL, RG
South West: SN, BS, BA, SP, BH, DT, TA, EX, TQ, PL, TR
East England: NR, CB, IP
Midlands: PE, LE, NN, MK, CV, OX, ST TF, WS, WV, DY, B, WR, HR, GL
Wales: LL, SY, LD, NP, CF, SA
North West: PR, BB, FY, BL, OL, L, WN, M, WA, CH, CW, SK
North: DE, NG, LN, S, DN, HU, HD, WF, HX, LS, YO, HG, BD, LA

4.9 If the product is purchased by a customer living in one of the following postal codes: DL, CA, TS, NE, DH, SR, DG, TD, KA, ML, EH, G, the cost of delivery is determined individually.

4.10 Other postal codes are not supported by us.

4.11 If the goods are purchased by a customer living in one of the unsupported postcodes, the order will be cancelled.

4.12 The seller is obliged to notify the buyer of the delivery date by e-mail or other services at the latest two days before the planned delivery.

4.13 The driver is required to deliver the product only to the first door. In the case of houses, it is the entrance door, in the case of flats/blocks, it is the door of the staircase/downstairs.

4.14 The driver will not bring the product to the upper floor/upstairs.

4.15 In the event of difficult access to the property, the driver has the right to refuse delivery.

4.16 If there is no response to the delivery message, the delivery will be postponed to another possible date.

4.17 The customer is obliged to sign the paper form of the bill or invoice. This document is made in two copies for each of the parties.

4.18 The customer is obliged to sign a paper ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF RECEIPT OF GOODS. This document is made in two copies for each of the parties.

4.19 The documents described above require the only customer’s printed full name and signature in the space for the buyer. Writing something other than required on the document will result in the cancellation of the order or delivery on a different date with a new document.

4.20 In the event of failure to collect the goods, the goods for collection by the customer are stored in the warehouse for up to 14 working days.

4.21 The time slot in which the driver will arrive is only an estimate. It may change for reasons beyond the driver’s control, such as bad weather conditions or road difficulties.

4.22 The seller reserves the right to postpone the delivery for reasons beyond his control, such as damage to the car or delay in transport from Poland.

4.23 Furniture Just4U Limited does not rent a van. In the event of damage to the vehicle, it is repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

4.24 The shop staff and the driver use the 12-hour time in the GMT + 0, UK time zone.




5.1 The buyer has the right to return the product up to 14 working days from its receipt.

5.2 The costs associated with the return of the product are at the buyer’s expense.

5.3 Furniture Just4U Limited does not provide product collection services from the buyer.

5.4 The buyer is obliged to return the product in the condition in which it was received with the original packaging.

5.5 A damaged, assembled or partially assembled product will not be accepted by the seller.

5.6 After delivery to the seller, the product will be checked for any damage and missing elements.

5.7 If you do not agree with the obligations above, we will not agree to refund or may make a reasonable charge to cover any costs that we incur (e.g. petrol or goods you have damaged or lost).

5.8 The seller is obliged to return the payment for the product within 25 working days (definition of working days in point 1.3).

5.9 The exception to the above point is that the seller retains the advance payment described in points 3.2, 3.3. 3.4 and 3.6.

5.10 In the event of a complaint or product defects, the customer is obliged to send a description along with photos via the contact form or directly to the e-mail address

5.11 The seller is obliged to look through the complaint within 25 working days of receiving the message.

5.12 When making a complaint, a specific part is replaced, not the entire product.

5.13 The item part of which the complaint was accepted will be sent via the shipping company on company address no later than 25 business days of accepting the complaint.

5.14 The exception to the above is large oversized items that cannot be shipped via a shipping company. The time in this situation is set individually.

5.15 In the event of incorrect assembly, wrong interpretation of the instructions or damage to the product during assembly, the complaint will not be considered.

5.16 Based on the invoice or bill received, the complaint is considered. Another proof of purchase will not be accepted.

5.17 Used mattress or upholstery cannot be returned.

5.18 The information described in points 6.1 – 6.9 will not be subject to complaint.

5.19 All spare or missing parts are sent directly from the manufacturer to the company’s office addres indicated in point 1.1.

5.20 After agreeing with the seller, the items mentioned in point 5.19 can be sent directly to the buyer.

5.21 In the event of cancellation of an order placed for items made up to order, such as bedroom wardrobes, ottoman bedroom beds, divan bedroom beds and MAX beds with non standard sizes, after 14 days from the date of placing the order, the seller reserves the right to retain 20% of the order value against the costs associated with its production.




6.1 Product miniatures photos are for reference only. They may differ more or less from what is shown in the picture.

6.2 The colour shown in the pictures is for reference only. In reality, the colour may differ from what is shown in the illustration. There may be a lighter, darker or different shade/tone of colour.

6.3 The customer has the right to receive from the seller photos presenting the item in real life along with the colour which customer wants to see if the seller has this photo. In some cases, the buyer can ask for samples to be posted to them free of charge.

6.4 The customer has the right to receive assembly instructions from the seller before purchase so that he can determine the degree of difficulty during assembly. To decide if assembly service is required as an additional option.

6.5 The customer has the right to ask the seller questions about the subject of interest. The seller prompts to reply within 48 – 72 hours.

6.6 The seller has the right to make small changes to the production of items if the concept and appearance of the item remain unchanged.

6.7 The furniture is in flat packages with instructions for self-assembly. Additional items shown in the illustration as visual elements are not the content of the product. The customer is obliged to carefully read the description of the product, which includes, among other things, the dimensions of the product, content and materials from which it is made.

6.8 The seller is not responsible for errors caused during assembly and wrong interpretation of the assembly manual or description of the item. The furniture is made of materials that are completely safe for health.

6.9 Individual setting of the telephone or computer screen may change the hue or shade of the product colour.




7.1 Furniture Just4U Limited provides assembly services.

7.2 The assembly service may be carried out on the day of delivery or another day agreed by the seller and buyer.

7.3 The cost of the assembly service is individual and depends, among other things on the buyer’s location.

7.4 The buyer, deciding to have the assembly service, is obliged to remove all elements from the room so that the assembly service can be carried out quickly and safely.

7.5 Installation services must not be disrupted by other work currently performed in this room.

7.6 Fitters have the right to use tools that may be a danger to third parties present in the room.

7.7 It is forbidden for children or young people to stay in the room currently used by the fitters.

7.8 The fitter does not modify the furniture. The product will be assembled and look the same as in the description of the auction.

7.9 If any of the above points are not implemented or occur in the process, the installer has the right to stop the work.

7.10 The buyer is obliged to provide a parking space for the fitter in front of his property. In the case of a house, a driveway or a place on the street, in the case of a block/flat, a parking space in front of the block.

7.11 If you choose the assembly option, the order fulfilment time may be longer.

7.12 In the case of an incomplete assembly service, which can be missing or damaged elements, this information is placed on the invoice relating this service. In the absence of this information, the assembly service by both parties will be terminated.

7.13 The seller, performing the assembly service, reserves the right to resign from the service in the event of structural defects of the floors or walls, such as uneven surfaces.

7.14 The seller, performing the assembly service, may continue the service at the request of the buyer, after the buyer has been informed about the structural defects of the walls or floors.




8.1 All furniture products come with a one-year warranty.

8.2 Furniture Just4U Limited, offers one month warranty for the assembly service.

8.3 Mattresses unpacked from a protective foil are not returnable.

8.4 The mattress warranty covers only its main insert.

8.5 The mattress that crumbles or crack will not be accepted or the subject of complaining as mattresses are checked before and on the delivery.

8.6 A mattress is an object that is constantly working, so it is subject to use. Therefore, the recesses on the surface of the mattress to 3 cm, is not under a warranty given as they represent a natural material consumption that does not affect the quality of the product.

8.7 The mattress needs to work in different places to keep its features. Only then it will consume evenly, and on its surface, there will be no recesses.

8.8 This is very important as not turning the mattress is out of warranty coverage! We recommend changing the side of the mattress every 6 months for both sided mattresses.

8.9 Improper use of the mattress and the changes made on its surface are not the result of a defect in the product, but the damage done by the user, which can be stated.

8.10 Mattress is an everyday use item, which works every day, but this properly “serviced” will retain its properties longer and will provide you with a comfortable night’s sleep.

8.11 If the customer determines that the mattress, he has chosen does not meet his or her expectations, the mattress may be replaced (at an additional cost) or returned only if not unpacked.

8.12. As the point 5.19. All spare or missing parts are sent directly from the manufacturer to the company’s office address indicated in point 1.1. After agreeing with the seller, the items mentioned in point 8.12 can be sent directly to the buyer.




9.1 The boards are produced based on an MDF board painted white on one side, on the other side covered with a layer of acrylic laminate with a thickness of 0.9 mm on the MDF board surface.

9.2 The acrylic surface is covered with a protective film. The colour of the protective film does not matter and affects the quality of surface protection.

9.3 On the acrylic surface, there may be various types of “dirt” or so-called “craters” in the amount of 2 – 3 pieces per m2, which result from the normal acrylic production process and are not reasons for the complaint of the board.

9.4 The permissible deviation of the board surface straightness is up to 2mm / m.

9.5 Due to the use of acrylic and obtaining a high gloss with the effect of deep colour, the boards should be cleaned and cared for in a special way:

– To clean the surface of acrylic boards, we use only soft cloths, e.g. cotton or microfiber cloths available in stores.
– The surfaces can be washed with a 1% solution of water and soap.
– It is strictly forbidden to use window cleaners, Cif cleansers, scouring products, acidic products, waxes, solvents and other chemically active substances, etc.
– It is also forbidden to use steam devices for cleaning because the hot water vapour penetrating the surface structure can lead to permanent irreversible damage.
– Before using the cleaning product, it is important to test a small, invisible part of the surface.
– It is recommended to use only products intended for acrylic surfaces.

9.6 Acrylic boards may scratch if used carelessly. Small, shallow scratches can be removed with polishing products intended for acrylic surfaces. Damage or defects related to normal wear and tear, improper use of boards and fronts, and damage not attributable to the manufacturer are not subject to complain.


References:current safety regulations (British Safety Standard number BS EN 747:2012 + A1 2015).

1. Children under the age of six shouldn’t be sleeping on a top bunk, and children under the age of three shouldn’t be on bunk beds at all.

2. Bunk beds are conventionally designed to support a child’s weight, though some of the more secure bunk beds can support an adult’s weight. It is advised to check the with the seller for further details on bunk bed usage for your specific bed.

3. Once the bed is safely assembled, discourage children from climbing or playing on the bed or ladder and prevent more than one child from using the top bunk at a time. You should also make sure belts, bags and other items aren’t hung from the bunk bed, to prevent the risk of strangulation, trips or falls.

4. To avoid any safety issues, there should always be enough space for them to sit up comfortably, with room between them and the ceiling.

5. We always advise that the top bunk doesn’t have a mattress thicker than 16 cm to ensure there is enough height given for the safety rails to do their job. There will usually be a line along the inside of the top bunk’s frame to indicate where the mattress should go up to. 

6. You should make sure your bunk beds remain sturdy and that nothing loosens over time. Regularly check the fittings of your bunk beds to ensure that everything is safe and secure.

7. Not respecting weight limits can make the bunk bed dangerous. If you exceed the bed’s weight limit but still climb into it, you’re placing yourself at risk of the bed collapsing (and of the resultant injuries).

8. If you assemble the bed correctly and follow all the safety guidelines, bunk beds are perfectly safe. Modern bunk bed manufacturers take safety very seriously and make every effort to ensure their beds are safe to use.

09. Although bed bunks have their risks, it’s possible to stop them from emerging and prevent accidents by taking simple safety precautions. This means setting rules to avoid misuse of the bed, and implementing practical measures and adopting habits to make the bed safe.

10. No more than one person allowed on the top bunk at any time. 

11. Make them understand the bed is for sleeping only (which it is).

12. Positioning the bed wrongly can transform it into a safety risk. Before you position the bed, and maybe even before you buy it, it’s best to take a look around the room and detect anything that could pose a danger. Blinds (especially the cords), windows, ceiling fans, lights and heaters are potential hazards when the bed is in the wrong position. Keep the bed away from these features to minimise the danger.

13. Enjoying bunk beds and keeping them safe is a question of respecting their purpose and taking practical steps to prevent them from posing a danger. Understanding the dangers, following safety guidelines, and educating your children on how to use them safely can cancel out bunk beds’ hazards so that the beds remain what they’re meant to be: a comfortable place to sleep.




10.1 These terms and conditions can be found on each listing. It is readable and available for everyone and visible before purchase.

10.2 The customer is obliged to read the regulations and the privacy policy before purchasing.

10.3 The seller has the right to use these regulations when contacting the customer.

10.4 Lack of knowledge of the regulations may result in incorrect correspondence with the client.

10.5 Due to the current situation in the UK, regarding the new COVID-19 restrictions and customs clearance at the borders with the European Union, the order fulfillment time may be extended.